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Changing culture


Ben Horowitz on how leader of the Haitian slave revolution Toussaint Louverture changed culture. 1. Keep what works: For any culture revolution, figure out what is already working and don’t throw it away. 2. Create shocking rules: Rules that are either challenging to follow or out of the box can keep people accountable. 3. Incorporate people from other cultures: Bring people in who resemble...

Breakthrough Technologies 2017


MIT review’s yearly list is here. 2017 list includes – Facial recognition has existed for decades, but only now is it accurate enough to be used in secure financial transactions. The new versions use deep learning, an artificial-intelligence technique that is especially effective for image recognition because it makes a computer zero in on the facial features that will most reliably...

AVAC framework for first 60 days


Uses: define state of business and helps decide investment decisions. You are in a new job and your responsibilities include growing the company (or your product) and influencing what’s next. What tools would you use in the first 60 days? This question came up recently in a brainstorming session with fellow PMs and growth guru Brian. It reminded me of a framework I’ve used since b-school and...

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