30 Books that influenced people the most


Sometime back on a Sunday evening, Stripe’s intrepid CEO asked twitter to name five books that influenced people the most. What followed was a treasure trove of book suggestions from the tech junta. A few lines of python code and you have this neat list of 30 books that influenced people the most. #1 – Sapiens Bill Gates in his review of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind writes...

The Inevitable


Founder editor of Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly in his book The Inevitable, talks about some of the technology trends that will shape society and consumption over the next few decades. He identifies 12 patterns – Becoming, Cognifying, Flowing, Screening, Accessing, Sharing, Filtering, Remixing, Interacting, Tracking, Questioning , Beginning. Of these Flowing refers to the technology...

Smarter Faster Better


“…….there were Google-designed checklists [apparently, there are dozens of tactics] they could use: Leaders should not interrupt teammates during conversations, because that will establish an interrupting norm. They should demonstrate they are listening by summarizing what people say after they said it. They should admit what they don’t know. They shouldn’t end a meeting until all...

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