I was in the market for a coffee tumbler.   And came across William Powell’s review of Zojirushi on Amazon – I bought the 20-ounce Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA the week after I got married so that I could keep my coffee warm on the commute to and from my new job downtown. It is literally the world’s best travel mug. I could put steaming hot coffee in it in the morning, and if I...

Product Management Classics


Product managers are often called the CEOs of a product. One of my early managers once said I was the soul of the product. I’m sure we’ve been called other names too. Since daily activities of the soul and the CEO are not too well defined, our tribe ends up as constant seekers in valleys and crests between white boards and product announcements. Good advice always comes handy in our...

Big Data 101


As the spectrum of big data products grow in number and nuance, below are some primers on thinking about data complexity and  about solutions. I’ll keep this space updated as more good stuff comes handy. Feast on the seminal papers on big data: Hadoop, Big Table, Spark, Storm…..

Growth metrics from Pinterest


John Egan from Pinterest’s growth team has put together a good starting set of metrics to measure churn and acquisition in a rapidly growing product. A good daily dashboard health check to see engagement, acquisition, churn and reactivation across segments. ….you can see we put a big emphasis on activation (the process of getting a new user to convert to a MAU). This is because we...

Breakthrough Technologies 2015


Augmented reality to growing brain cells to large scale desalination, some of these technologies are already here, some give a lot of hope and we need a few of them yesterday.  Here is MIT’s list for 2015. Magic Leap Nano-Architecture Car-to-Car Communication Project Loon Liquid Biopsy Megascale Desalination Apple Pay Brain Organoids Supercharged Photosynthesis Internet of DNA Top 10 from...

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