Ghosts of Christmas Process


Reading Tim Ferriss’s – Tools of Titans

A good book. Unique. In the sense that you can take quick ten minute dips in the bite sized self help notes, and find interesting tools highly effective people use.

I found the Ghosts of Christmas (Dicken’s) process (from unleashing power within) intriguing. Christmas Carol is my all time favorite book, I read it as a graphic novel and the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future were vivid like only graphic novels could make ghosts vivid.

The Ghosts of Christmas process, as far as I understood, asks to to re look at your beliefs. One belief at a time, spanning past, present and future. You are asked to look at a belief across Ghosts of past, present and future. And asked to “See it, hear it, feel it” as the belief influences and impacts your life.

One of the examples in this book was about a person who couldn’t be happy in the present finally deciding to be. So you take a habit “like not keeping in touch with people” and you see it, hear it and feel it through the three ghosts.

Ghost of Christmas Past: What has this belief cost you in the past? What has this belief cost the people you love in the past? What have you lost because of this belief?

Ghost of Christmas Present: What is the belief costing you and people you love in the present?

Ghost of Christmas Yet to come: What will the belief cost you and people you care about 1,3,5,10 years from now?

“See it, hear it, feel it”.

Looks like a good exercise, but I can see this get intense.

Benjamin Hardy writes in medium, a blockbuster post on 2 critical mental shifts to change things, be more effective and get to 10X. I will be re-reading this post.

Here are some excerpts –

I – Choice. Every choice has meaning.

In order to make the first shift, you must go from an external locus of control to an internal locus of control. This is the scientific way of saying: you stop playing the victim to external circumstances and take responsibility for your life.
You are responsible for how you respond to life. No longer do you impulsively react.

No longer do you blame others for any lack on your part. Yet, once you realize that every choice — even small ones — will yield an outcome, you can then decide which outcomes you want. No choice is free. Every choice is tied to an outcome. Thus, every choice has meaning.

II – 10X. Ask better questions. Bigger goals. Synergy.

The ‘normal’ systems you have in place, the social rules you’ve forced upon yourself, the standard frameworks — they don’t work when asking a question like this. You are forced to shed artificial constraints, like shedding a skin, to realize that you had the ability to renegotiate your reality all along.

‘What might you do to accomplish your 10-year goals in the next 6 months, if you had a gun against you head?’ Now, let’s pause. Do I expect you to take 10 seconds to ponder this and then magically accomplish 10 years’ worth of dreams in the next few months? No, I don’t. But I do expect that the question will productivity break your mind, like a butterfly shattering a chrysalis to emerge with new capabilities.



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