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Noah Weiss today tweetstormed what he thinks are characteristics of a great product manager. I really liked some of his insights, in that they were truthful without grandstanding. And useful. Here are some snippets –

Great PMs apply product taste. They have a well honed sense of what a well crafted product experience feels like. They smartly balance quality with the demands of time and scope.

(man this is the hardest part and takes years to start getting a feel of it)

Great PMs live in the future and work backwards. They immerse themselves in research, feedback, data, discussions, and the market. They craft thoughtful, inspiring narratives for where the product should go — and the best path to get there.

Great PMs execute impeccably. They say what they’ll do, and then do what they say. Their follow-through is impeccable, and they don’t let details slip. When they join a team, quality and pace seems to dramatically improve overnight.

(say to do ratio is high with great PMs. I do not agree on pace. There is no hurry. If this is speed of decision making and unblocking teams then yes. if this is getting the most lines of code out of every developer then no.)

Great PMs optimize for learning. They voraciously seek out insights about customer needs and pain points through research, experiments, and cross-functional partners. They course correct constantly.

(yup. 20% should be execution. 80% being a better PM today than you were yesterday.)

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