Godaddy bumped up our hosting cost from $299 to $720 for five years. Talked to customer service and they can’t help. So I guess we have to look at new hosting after almost 15 years with @GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp . So long. #godaddy

“Hardware and software improvements reduced the cost to train neural networks by 100x in roughly two years. As a result, AI capabilities are multiplying as models are trained with 10x more computing power each year.” #AI is a bigger economic opportunity than the internet.

Great set of videos here. top 7 takeaways from Product Leader Summit 2019(via @Pocket) ⁦@SperoVentures⁩ #productmanagement #productzense

I spent weeks researching & writing my 2020 technology predictions.

🎉 Time for some fun (thread)

1. Future of Face ID: Apple won the early days of face authentication, which they’ll aggressively expand as a replacement for email & passwords.

Google, Amazon, Facebook will...

How you can beat Amazon with your e-commerce startup:

- New distribution: build on top of messaging etc
- Mindset: community first, e-comm second
- Experience: make it feel like a game, not shopping
- MVP = local
- Curation: go deep not wide

2020 will show us new ways to shop

Startups will hire 22 year olds and pay them with a "cool work culture" but Amazon will hire 50 year olds w/ 25 years of DB experience and give them the honor of wiping out all the competitors in their given product category.

"The death of most startups is indifference. They fail to launch because nobody cares. It's death by a thousand shrugs." @DCoolican on why finding product zeitgeist fit is your startup cheat code. Watch the full talk here:

“Product zeitgeist fit (PZF): when a product resonates with the mood of the times. It’s the thing that makes users and employees want you to win.” Great piece by ⁦@a16z⁩

Five Stellar Questions for an Interviewee to Ask in a Product Management Interview

"What is the hardest thing about doing product here?"

Overwhelmed keeping up with crypto news. ⁦@VitalikButerin⁩ nicely captures state of the union. “In general, base-layer problems are slowly but surely decreasing, but application-layer problems are only just getting started.” #HODL

Step 1. Write article on "How to take back control from the Big Tech barons."

Step 2. Put it on a site with a paywall that prevents people from reading a word of it.

Excited to see Matt Mochary's book finally come out:

I've really enjoyed working with Matt, and have referred a number of people on my team (and other entrepreneurs) to this content as a concise summary of how to build a well run organization.

1. Start with the user’s why, not the business why.
2. Separate the problem space from the solution space.
3. Listen to your users — but don’t take their word as gospel.
4. Enter the solution space and choose your game. #productmanagement #startups

1/ Andy Rachleff on "product market fit" (a term Andy invented):

"Don Valentine used to say: 'I'm looking to invest in businesses that can screw everything up and still succeed because customers will pull the product out of their hands.'"

VC is the new Lehman – Let’s Watch SoftBank Venture Capital Plunge (via @Pocket) ⁦#VentureCapital #VC #markets #Uber #Lyft #WeWork

Celebrating 10 years of "good reading." Thank you to everyone for the writing and suggestions that have made this so educational and fun for me.

Which small-scale tech/CS innovation has most impressed you recently?

I'll go first.

💻 Voodoo magic Netflix uses to encode their offline downloads.
💻(a little old) React's GPU-inspired virtual DOM rendering/reconciliation.
💻 Figma's use of WebGL using C++->emscripten.

Borrowing next question from @asanwal

“What essay or article have you read that has had a significant impact on how you think about business, markets, entrepreneurship and/or technology?”

SF has always punched above its weight class politically. We continue to do so:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Governor Gavin Newsom
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senator Kamala Harris
Lt. Gov Eleni Kounalakis
Treasurer Fiona Ma

I’m so proud to represent this incredible city.

What I Love about debating my friends on why I am “Yes on Prop C”: 1)they have no experience on homelessness 2)they have done almost nothing for the homeless 3)they have no plan 4)they don’t want to pay & 5)they put themselves first over the homeless.

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